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            755nm&1064nm alexandrite and Nd Yag laser 2 in 1 multifunctional professional beauty machine

            Short Description:

            Product Detail


            Large areas of the body tend to recover faster.
            1: Suitable for any color of hair
            2: Suitable for all of skin type (I, II,III, IV, V, VI.)
            3: Alexandite laser hair removal—Safe .Fast , high efficiency
            4: International Hair Removal Standard.
            5: Permanent hair removal
            6:Treat red and blue vessel no matter larger deeper or small superIcial
            7: Skin rejuvenation(port wine strains, skin capillaries and etc)
            8: Removal pigmentation


            Hair Removal +Hemangioma Removal+Blood Vein Removal+Vascular Removal+Skin Rejuvenation+Cure Ringworm of the Nails

            Most Effective Hair Removal Technology Available
            The 755nm Alexandrite Laser provides permanent hair reduction for skin types 1 through 4.
            The system is based on alexandrite technology which is superior to other wavelengths in providing permanent results.
            Faster Treatments – With an 18 mm spot size treatments are quick. The underarms can each be treated in less than 2 minutes. Thereare no gels to apply and topical anesthetics are normally not needed, saving even more time.
            More Flexibility – The 755nm Alexandrite Laser also comes with an 8 mm spot size that allows more flexibility in the areas being treated, such as the nose and ears.Multiple Applications – Also capable of treating pigmented lesions including sun and age spots, freckles, cafe-au-lait and melasma; and vascular lesions such as leg veins.More Comfort for Patients -The unique DCD cryogen cooling system offers safe and consistent cryogen spray protection for greater patient safety and comfort. Additionally, this means there are no cooling gels to apply before the treatment.

            12 inches Digital Real Color LCD
            Nd YAG and Alexandrite
            Cooling system
            Water cooling & Air cooling
            100J @ 1064nm, 60J@755nm

            1064nm – 80 joules (J); 755nm – 53 joules (J)
            Pulse frequency
            0.25, 0.5, 1Hz,2Hz

            1064nm Up to 10 Hz; 755 Up to 10 Hz
            Pulse Duration
            0.250-100 ms
            2 lamps
            2 rods
            Standard Spot Sizes
            Small Delivery 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm; Medium Delivery 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm
            Beam Delivery
            Lens-coupled optical fiber with handpiece
            Pulse Control
            Finger switch, foot switch
            46(W)x69(L)x107(H) CM
            Net weight
            Gross weight
            135 kg (260 lbs)
            In charge voltage
            200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 30A, 4600 VA


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