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            About Us

            Beijing LaserTell Medical Co., Ltd.

            LaserTell Technologies (UK) Co., Ltd. is a pioneer of resources integration in the field of technologically advanced medical aesthetic Lasers.
            Today, LaserTell Technologies (UK) Co., Ltd. is the great innovator of technical support, after-sale service, clinical training, marketing, as well as consulting for the superior surgical and aesthetic markets.
            Based on 46 years technical know-how and marketing research (20-year-medical enterprise operation, 8-year-technology, 7-year-marketing, 6-year-designing, 5-year-service), we attracted a level of professionals from Materials Engineering, Mechanics, Electronics, Precision Finishing, Clinical Medicine and Marketing, and set up the wholly-owned subsidiary company Beijing LaserTell Medical Co., Ltd. in 2010.

            Beijing LaserTell Medical Co.,Ltd

            For years, we combine a level of innovation, expertise and customer understanding superior to that of any company in our industry.
            Now Beijing LaserTell is the No.1 brand in China and was the first to develop the full set of hair removal lasers in the field, such as 755+808+1064nm Diode Laser, CO2 Fractional Laser, SHR, E-light (IPL+RF), 755nm Alexandrite Laser, Nd:YAG Laser, etc.
            Together, we are more market responsive than ever before. We enable practitioners to offer safe, effective and profitable aesthetic and surgical treatments to their patients, while allowing patients to benefit from the capabilities of state-of-the-art, clinically proven technologies and methods.

            OEM & ODM
            OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturers;?ODM: (Original Design Manufacturers) service.
            Beijing LaserTell Medical Co., Ltd. is always looking for new product ideas.
            If you are looking for a professional and experienced organization to cooperate with,we maybe able to help.
            Our capabilities cover the complete spectrum of the photon and laser beauty and medical products life cycle-from initial concept right through to after-market services.
            We're flexible, resourceful, and experienced.
            If you have an idea for a new product, let Beijing LaserTell team of experienced and professional technicians assist you in bringing it to life.
            We support you in dealing with manufacturing and technology related questions.

            With Beijing LaserTell you'll get:

            A. Faster Time to Market

            B. Phased Financial Investment

            C. Innovative Technical Solutions

            D. Cooperative Development & Manufacturing

            Special service:

            1. Software adjustment (logo &menu design, different languages)

            2. Unique machine shape design

            3. Treatment handle, filters design.

            4. Package (style, material, label design)

            5. According to the budget, machine weight, size, provides reasonable projects.

            Our OEM&ODM covers:

            We can do the OEM and ODM service for you to the machines on the followings:

            1. Intense pulsed light technology

            2. E-light ( IPL+RF) technology

            3. Q-switch ND: YAG laser technology

            4. Micro-dermabrasion technology

            5. Ultrasonic cavitation technology

            6. Fractional laser technology (ER:Glass laser, CO2 laser)

            7. Laser hair removal technology (long pulsed ND: YAG laser, Diode laser)