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            Best price 755+808+1064 diode laser hair removal machine for salon

            Short Description:

            Product Detail

            How does 808 Diode Laser work?

            AlexMED, clinically proven to deliver safe and effective hair removal on all skin and hair types, is the fastest diode laser platform of LaserTell.
            It is performed using gold standard 808nm diode laser technology, with energy penetrates deep into the dermis with high average power and a rapid 10 pulse-per-second repetition rate to heat the hair shaft and hair follicle, rather than destroy the oxygen organization around hair follicle.?Meanwhile, contacting surface cooling technology applied on the Sapphire Dual-Chill Tip can eliminate the heat effect attributed to optical energy, greatly improving both the treatment performance and safety.?

            ?How does 808 Diode Laser work (1)

            Why choose?AlexMED?

            ? ? Gradual Heating is the KEY!

            * A standout in the Industry with the gradual fluency. (heating the hair follicles very gradually)

            —Instead of simply blasting unwanted hair with great discomfort.

            * Combined with cooling from the Sapphire Dual-Chill Tip, makes it so comfortable that neither gels nor analgesics are Required.

            * Permanent hair reduction on all pigmented hair and all skin types—including tanned skin.

            —This flexibility makes it ideal for both physicians and medical spa professionals.

            * Fastest coverage rate in the industry, with a huge 13x13mm spot and up to 10Hz repetition rate.

            *No consumables, cost-effective.

            ?How does 808 Diode Laser work (4)

            ? Virtually Painless

            *Safely and gently heating the dermis to a temperature that damages the hair follicle and prevents re-growth, yet does not injure the surrounding skin.

            *The Cooling Sapphire Dual-Chill Tip designed to protect the outer layer of skin by decreasing the surface temperature and preventing thermal injury from the laser beam.

            ?How does 808 Diode Laser work (3)

            AlexMED?(808nm Diode Laser) Applications:

            l??Permanent Hair Reduction on all pigmented hair and all skin types—including tanned skin.

            l??Pain-Free, Hair-Free – Comfortable Hair Removall


            ?How does 808 Diode Laser work (2)

            Laser Type Diode Laser
            Wavelength (Spectrum) 755+808+1064nm ?
            Energy Density (Fluence) 1-100J/cm2? (Continuously adjustable)
            Spot Size 15x15mm2 (Diode Laser)??
            Pulse Repetition Rate 10Hz
            Pulse Duration 10-400ms
            Pulses Single
            Cooling Continuous?Crystal & ExtrChill?contact cooling (-16℃~-5℃)+ Air cooling+ Closed water circulation cooling
            Stand-by Working Continuously for 20 hours
            Display 10.4″ True Color LCD Touch Screen
            Electrical Requirements 100-240VAC, 20A max., 50/60Hz
            Net Weight 55kgs
            Dimensions (WxDxH) 42*42*115cm


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