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            Hair removal 755nm professional permanent laser any skin colors can remove hair fast

            Short Description:

            Product Detail

            Candela gentlelase alexandrite laser 755nm

            Treatment Theory

            Alexandertite Laser Hair Removal 755nm is commited to the gold standards for hair removal, due to the effective melan absorbtion, and the less side effects. Alexanderite Laser Hair Removal 755nm is based on the principle of selective light and heat, through a reasonable adjustment of laser energy and pulse width, laser can penetrate the skin to reach the hair follicles, and laser energy is absorbed and then transformed into heat by the hair follicle tissue, so that the hair loss of regenerative ability and from the surrounding tissue, so the hair will be removed permanently.

            1064nm-755nm Hair Reduction Hair Epilating Can max Gentle Pigmentation Max Removal Pro ND-YAG Alexandrite Hair Removal Laser


            Monitor 10 inches Digital Real Color LCD
            Headpiece Hair Removal headpiece comes with cooling air
            6-18 mm
            Temperature control 50℃
            Energy 500J/cm2
            Pulse width 5-100ms
            frequency 1-5HZ
            Power supply 3000 watts
            Laser fiber Made by Japan, MITSUBISHI
            Laser firing alarm sounder
            Laser start wait time 3 seconds
            Cooling system Compressor refrigeration(In hot weather, it can maintain a constant temperature between 25 degrees and 29 degrees)+Water+

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