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            multifunctional use beauty laser nd yag tattoo removal + 808 diode laser hair removal

            Short Description:

            Product Detail

            SPEED 808NM WAVELENGTH (1)

            How does AlexMED Plus work on hair removal ?

            SPEED 808NM WAVELENGTH (9)

            AlexMED Plus offers the synergistic benefits of the 3 most effective wavelengths for hair removal, each targeting different structures within the hair follicle. The 3 main anatomical targets include the Bulge, Bulb and Papilla.

            ALEX 755NM WAVELENGTH

            The Alexandrite wavelength offers more powerful energy absorption by the melanin chromophore, making it ideal for the widest range of hair types and color- especially light-colored and thin hair. With more superficial penetration, the 755nm wavelength targets the Bulge of the hair follicle and is especially effective for superficially embedded hair in areas such as the eyebrows and upper lip.

            SPEED 808NM WAVELENGTH

            The classic wavelength in laser hair removal, the 810nm wavelength, offers deep penetration of the hair follicle with high average power, a high repetition rate and a large 2cm spot size for fast treatment. The 810nm has a moderate melanin absorption level making it safe for darker skin types. Its deep penetration capabilities target the Bulge and Bulb of the hair follicle while moderate tissue depth penetration makes it ideal for treating the arms, legs, cheeks and beard.

            SPEED 808NM WAVELENGTH (12)

            YAG 1064NM WAVELENGTH

            The YAG 1064 wavelength is characterized by lower melanin absorption, making it a focused solution for darker skin types.

            At the same time, the 1064nm offers the deepest penetration of the hair follicle, allowing it to target the Bulb and Papilla, as well as treat deeply embedded hair in areas such as the scalp, arm pits and pubic areas. With higher water absorption generating a higher temperature, the incorporation of the 1064nm wavelength increases the thermal profile of the overall laser treatment for most effective hair removal.

            SPEED 808NM WAVELENGTH (13)


            Q switch nd yag laser wavelength function

            532nm wavelength:?get rid of freckles, eyebrow tattoo, failed eye line tattoo, tattoo , lips line, pigment, telangiectasia in shallow red, brown and pink and etc. light color

            1064nm wavelength:?get rid of freckles and yellow brown spot, eyebrow tattoo, failed eye line tattoo, tattoo,?Birthmark and Nevus of Ota, pigmentation and age spot, nevus in black and blue, scarlet red, deep coffee and etc. deep color.

            1320nm wavelength:?shrink pores removal, poblackhead removal, skin tightening and whitening, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal

            SPEED 808NM WAVELENGTH (8)

            755+808+1064nm Triple wavelength laser hair removal:

            1. For fast, safe, painless and permanent hair removal on all 6 skin types, including dark skin.
            2. Suitable for any unwanted hairs on areas like face, arms, armpits, chest, back, bikini, legs.

            SPEED 808NM WAVELENGTH (11)

            Q-switch nd yag laser:?

            *Tattoo Removal;

            *Speckle Removal, Nevus of Ota Removal;

            *Birthmark Removal, Embroider eyebrow Removal;?

            *Skin rejuvenation, whiten, acne, tighten pores (Carbon tip needed);

            SPEED 808NM WAVELENGTH (10)

            Display of the operation screen:

            10.4" Intelligent software control system matching the reliable inner parts .Perfectly avoid the laser handle burnt trouble .

            SPEED 808NM WAVELENGTH (7)
            SPEED 808NM WAVELENGTH (6)

            Q switch nd yag laser?
            Fai 6 laser rob

            We are engaged in the real mixed wavelength diode laser produce ,imported the laser emitter from USA who is the unique manufacturer for real mixed wavelength laser emitter produce .Micro channel laser bars with 600W. (warranty is 20 millions shots or 30000 hours)

            SPEED 808NM WAVELENGTH (4)
            SPEED 808NM WAVELENGTH (3)

            Patent GL+micro-channel water circulation +fans+real sapphire crystal+professional inner structure design constitute strong cooling system keeping the device, 30s handle ??temperature cooling down to -22°C is available .Express real no-pain hair removal.

            Water tank

            Water tank made by the food grade plastic material .Produce by the injection in mold skill ,no glue anymore.Keeping the circulation water always clean .Protect the whole device inner parts very well .
            The lower quality water tank in market always glued together ,easily leaking by days?

            SPEED 808NM WAVELENGTH (2)
            Type Laser hair removal machine with 755nm 808nm 1064nm
            Technology mixed wavelength laser hair removal + nd yag laser 2 in 1 laser
            Laser Bar? 10bars/600W/50A (Imported from USA Coherent Company)
            Water system Double water circulation system inside
            Machine Power 3000W
            Water tank capacity 9L
            Wavelength ?755nm 808nm 1064nm(diode laser)

            1064+532+1320nm(Q-switched nd yag laser)

            Electricity 15-50A
            Energy ?1-160J/cm2
            Frequency 1-10Hz
            Pulse width ?10-400ms/duty ratio 10%-40%
            Spot size 12*12mm in standard ( 18*33mm2 be chosen)
            Cooling system wind cooling +water cooling +semiconductor cooling; Condenser
            Screen 10.4" TFT True Color LCD
            Crystal Materials 100% Sapphire crystal
            Continuously working time 24 hours


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