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            Vagina HIFU FAQ

            Does it hurt?

            This is the most common Vaginal Tightening FAQ. The procedure is not painful, however you may feel some discomfort when the probe is inserted into the vagina. At Harley Ultrasound, we always put a condom on the probe and lubricate it for your safety and comfort. Our consultants are dedicated to your welfare, and can adjust the probe so it is not inserted as deep into the vagina to make the procedure more relaxing.

            Is it safe?

            Yes. The HIFU technology that we use is certified, and the procedure is safe and non-surgical.

            When will I see results?

            You may notice results soon after the treatment. You will normally be able to feel the full results by ninety days after the procedure. Results vary from person to person, and depend on the number of treatments you have undergone.

            What is the difference between SuperFicial and Muscular Tightening?

            Superficial Tightening targets the outer layers of the skin in the vaginal wall. This does tighten the vagina, but the results will only last between six to eight weeks. Muscular Tightening also targets the muscular layer that is deeper within the vaginal wall, tightening the vagina for up to eighteen months.

            How long does the treatment take?

            The treatment should take roughly thirty minutes to complete.

            How do I know if Vaginal Tightening is right for me?

            This is the most important Vaginal Tightening FAQ. The skin in the vagina?can become?loose, much like skin on other areas of the body. This is more likely to occur with age, if you are overweight, and if you have given birth. At Harley Ultrasound we understand this is an area that is not easily accessible for examination, and difficult to talk about. Don’t worry –?there are some signs which may help you to determine whether Vaginal Tightening will benefit you. For instance, you may be experiencing less sensation during sexual intercourse, as well as loss of control over urination. If you are unsure, then arrange a consultation at Harley Ultrasound where we can help you decide whether or not Vaginal Tightening is right for you.

            What do I need to do after the treatment?

            Make sure that you avoid hot environments such as sunbeds and saunas for seventy two hours after the treatment. Furthermore, do not have hot baths or showers during this period of time, as this may cause you pain because the skin is very sensitive. It is best to avoid penetrative sex and using tampons for the first three days following the treatment to give the area a chance to heal.

            Post time: Jul-06-2021