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            Plasma pen with multifunction removal plasma shower for skin rejuvenation and spot removal

            Short Description:

            Product Detail


            2 in 1 plasma pen consists of spark plasma and ozone plasma. and is available in 7 different probes:Spark plasma (gold handle): facial lifting, firmness, freckle, wrinkles, crow’s feet treatment.Plasma ( white handle): Anti-inflammatory sterilization, soothing and itching, anabolic pigments, regulating oil secretion, oil control and cleansing, for allergic skin, acne, eczema, skin inflammation and other skin problems.

            What is Plasma ?

            Gas aterials apply energy. The ionization generated by free electrons changes to a gas state. At this time, the applied energy includes various types such as heat, alternating current, direct current, and RF.

            In the case of plasma, a direct current is used as an energy source.

            ·Spark discharge sequence generated by direct current, the heat generated by spark discharge causes the skin heating up. The discharge mechanism of direct current has a great influence on the small part of the skin compared with the discharge formed by the alternating current discharge. It is very valuable, and the DC discharge will not be damage surrounding tissue.

            ? Discharge is the formation of an electrically conductive connection between the tip of the device and the skin of the patient, the tip being at a distance of 4 mm from the skin. The treatment area can be seen, where air containing free electrons at the discharge point absorbs a large amount of energy, causing air to penetrate, which stops acting as an insulator and begins to direct current (electric shock). The air is ionized and becomes a plasma.

            ·?Uses plasma to stimulate cell regeneration, which can achieve anti-aging, enhance skin absorption, antibacterial cleansing, effective whitening and brightening, improve fine lines, increase skin elasticity, enhance facial contours and remove scars.


            Main function

            1.?Remove spot.

            2.?Remove wrinkle.

            3.?Remove scar.

            4.?Face lifting.

            5.?Skin firming.

            6.?Improve skin elasticity.



            7 8


            1.?2 handles with 7 different probes.

            2.?One machine with multiple function.

            3.?Ozone technology.

            12 13

            Operating steps

            1.?Choose and disinfect probe.

            2.?Deep clean skin.

            3.?Adjust energy.(1-5 levels)

            4.?Press start key.

            5.?Probe cling to skin. (operate from down to up, stay one place 2 seconds, one place operate 2-3 times.)

            6.?After operation, use skin care product and massage.

            7.?Clean probe and dry it.




            Attention matters

            1.?When change the operating probe, you must pause working.

            2.?Do not stay on one place over 2 seconds when high energy.

            3.?Avoid eye ball when operating.

            4.?Please use normal saline to disinfect probe before and after operating.

            5.?Keep the probe being dry.

            6.?It is normal that the treatment area has heat feeling.

            7.?If the skin scab and itch, do not scratch by hand.

            8.?During recovery period of 1-2 months, please do not drink and eat photosensitive food.

            9.?Avoid having sauna and strenuous exercise during recovery period.

            10.?Please do not wear any mental decoration.


            Taboos people

            1.?Who with heart pacemaker.

            2.?Serious heart disease.

            3.?People with mental device inside.

            4.?Pregnant women.

            5.?Women in breast feeding period.

            before and after

            Product parameter
            Product name 2 in 1 spot & acne removal skin lifting machine
            Type Hydro
            Input voltage 110-220V
            Output frequency around 15Hz-150Hz
            Output power 10-60W
            Package size 41*38*51cm
            Gross weight 11kg
            Operating pen 2pcs
            Operating probe 7pcs
            Function spot/acne removal
            Warranty 12 months



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