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            Vagina Tightening Therapy Anti-Wrinkle 2 in 1 4D HIFU Machine Ultrasound Machines

            Short Description:

            Product Detail

            Product Description
            HIFU uses its unique high-energy focused ultrasound to reach the SMAS layer,
            enhances the SMAS fascia suspension, and comprehensively solves the problem of face and body
            sagging. It precisely focused the ultrasonic energy at different depths of the fascia layer and collagen
            layer, which make fascia layer muscle growth, achieving the best effect of shaping, lifting and firming;
            and make collagen recombined and regenerated, achieving skin elasticity, whitening, wrinkle removal,
            and fine pores. At the same time, because the energy is swept across the epidermis, there is no need to
            worry about the injury of the epidermis. The skin can be quickly lifted, tightened, and wrinkles can be
            smoothed quickly!
            Product Name
            4D HIFU with vaginal treatment?Ultrasound Machines
            1.5,3.0,4.5,6.0,8.0,10,13,16mm, Vagina tightening(3.0mm,4.5mm)
            Input voltage
            AC100V – 240V
            Output frequency
            Maximum power
            Insurance wire
            Air box size

            Non-Surgical skin lifting has become one of the most sought after treatments and HIFU is the latest non-surgical technology toexcel in this area in just one single session!
            It targets individually Brow lifting, Jowl line lifting, Nasolabial fold reduction, Periorbital wrinkle reduction and overall Skin
            tightening, rejuvenation and whole body slimming.

            1. potent firming effect to improve sexual life
            2. private lubrication of increasing secretion and eliminating dryness
            3. improving private sensitivity by cell regeneration for reaction enhancement
            4. comprehensive improvement of private health and reducing infection.

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